To connect professionals who wish to work in the social sector and organizations with open job positions, GIFE has established the Community called Oportunidades [Opportunities]. The initiative, carried out in partnership with VAGAS Tecnologia, modernized the already traditional Oportunidades homepage, improving its structure, content and search tools.

The curricula of candidates are made available for organizations participating in the Community, comprising of NGOs, Companies, Foundations and Institutes that seek qualified professionals throughout Brazil. Register your organization and post the ad yourself, whenever you want to.

VAGAS Tecnologia provides full assistance for organizations and candidates in case they have any problems with their registration. Companies who are already registered only need to search for the Community in the VAGAS website and ask to join.

It is worth mentioning that new organizations and individual candidates require the approval by the Community moderator (i.e. GIFE), thus preventing ads unrelated to social issues.

To join the Community, access:

For Candidates

For Hiring Organizations

(Before registering, please send a request to [email protected], including the organization’s social security number (CNPJ). Read the tutorial on how to post job advertisements)

See the list of Opportunities

For more information, contact us: [email protected]

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: The opportunities offered on this page, except when they expressly mention GIFE, are the sole responsibility of the hiring organizations. In these situations, GIFE exempts itself from any responsibility for the selection process. This space is free and open to all organizations of the third sector which seek to hire professionals.

To know more about the sector:

Before registering yourself in the Community, take some time to read updates about the social sector. Check news here about increase in donation; communication, assessment; strengthening civil society organizations , social impact businesses, alignment of social investment practices with public policies alignment between social investment and business practices, transparency and governance and much more.

In addition, GIFE website contains more than 100 videos related to the topics we work with. Among them is the documentary Em Movimento, a movie telling the story of the last two decades of Brazilian civil society, with scenes and testimonies from important milestones in our history. Check here!