About the GIFE Governance Indicators

The GIFE Governance Indicators are a tool that enables associations and foundations to self-evaluate the level of development of their governance, with reference to the guidelines enshrined in the Guide to Best Practices in the Governance of Corporate Foundations and Institutes, prepared by the GIFE and the Brazilian Institute for Corporate Governance (IBGC). The self-assessment is carried out by filling in an online questionnaire structured around a set of indicators that determine, through assigned numerical values, degrees of governance focused on the voluntary practices carried out by the organizations in different established dimensions. As a result, after applying this set of indicators, the organization receives a full evaluation and can plan better ways to improve its governance.

In this sense, the indicators form the basis for what may in the future be a system of self-regulation of the sector in relation to governance practices, by offering parameters, and promoting dialogue and knowledge on the subject.

It is important to clarify what is not within the scope of the indicators:

This comprises the first attempt in this field, and, as such, it will certainly be subject to revision and changes throughout the project, including taking into account the process of improving the understanding about governance that we intend to foster with the use and dissemination of this tool.

What are the indicators?

The indicators are divided into themes and components – click on each of the components below to access the respective indicator.

Theme Components
Deliberative Board
Financial and Economic Control and Oversight
Strategy and management
Institutional Policies
Transparency and relationship with stakeholders

What are the objectives of the GIFE Governance Indicators?

How were the indicators developed?

The indicators are grouped into themes and components, click on each of the components below to access their respective indicators.


To fill out the assessment form, access: Self-assessment.